Financing Conditions

In the Czech Republic, the value of claims unasserted due to lack of funds for litigation is estimated at between five and ten billion CZK: not because the litigation might fail, but because people simply do not have the money to pursue their legitimate interests!

And this is where you might want to use our services of funding lawsuits. To do this, you will first have to understand the basic conditions of this service.

Which costs do we cover?

ProcesPartner covers attorneys’ fees, court fees, expert opinions, i.e. costs related to court proceedings at all stages, arbitration and enforcement proceedings. However, we do not finance your travel expenses, profits lost due to your participation in court hearings, etc.

Which legal disputes do we fund?

We can help you finance your right to enforce your claims for example from:

  • contracts of sale, contracts for work
  • partnership agreements
  • compensation of damage, contractual penalty and other sanctions
  • violation of copyright, patent law, trademark law
  • compensation for damages caused by unfair competition
  • lawsuits against governmental or regulatory agencies
  • lawsuits against tax authorities
  • tax law
  • insurance law
  • civil engineering
  • health care delivery
  • inheritance law

What minimal amount of claim do we finance?

We will help you with funding:

  • court or arbitration disputes, bankruptcy or enforcement proceedings or other similar proceedings in disputes with claims in amount of at least Kč 500,000 or €25,000.
  • extrajudicial settlements of disputes with claims worth at least Kč 200,000 or €10,000.

What information do we need?

It all begins with a thorough analysis of your case. Since we bear both the financial risk of losing the case and also of the opposing party being insolvent, we must proceed as cautiously as ever possible. Therefore you have to understand that it is important for our successful cooperation to provide all the required information on your case.

We therefore need to know the following particulars:

  • personal or company data (contact details, contact persons, references to legal representation, etc.)
  • all information available about the debtor (contact details, if possible also data on debtor’s assets and bank accounts, etc.)
  • all available information regarding the claim (legal grounds for your claim, details of co-owners of the claim, the opposing party’s potential claims, data on any prior action in the case, etc.)

To be clear…
Being attorneys, absolute discretion in processing the information you provide is an integral element of our professional conception.

How do we proceed?

In case of a successful trial, our fee depends on the amount of your recognized claim, the solvency of the opposing party and the specifics of the litigation. That is why both parties – client and ProcesPartner – must mutually approve before taking any extraordinary step in the dispute or in important matters relating to legal proceedings.

On what contractual basis do we cooperate?

At the beginning of our cooperation – even before subjecting your claim to a professional analysis – we must come to a written agreement on preliminary assessment and preparation of case funding.

After we agree to fund your lawsuit, you will be presented the agreement on funding legal proceedings. This agreement defines mutual rights and obligations and defines the relevant financial requirements.

Are there any further conditions?

We do not set any other conditions. After reading the above text, we are confident that you will understand that we do take any unnecessary risks, that our cooperation will be based on a solid contractual basis and we will do everything for successful and efficient completion of your case.

All other possible questions will be answered by phone or e-mail, and preferably at a personal meeting at our company.