How to find the right lawyer

In the Czech Republic, as in most other countries as well, only members of the national bar association are authorized to provide legal advice for valuable consideration, i.e. to help you solve your legal problems and being paid for doing so.

By the way:
According to current legislature in the Czech Republic, any kind of legal services to the public may be provided only by lawyers. The reason for this restriction is that only lawyers will have adequate qualification and experience as well as professional insurance coverage. The Czech Bar Association also monitors the quality of the provided legal services. Our company cooperates exclusively with experienced lawyers registered with the Czech Bar Association.

You may be hesitating right now whether to consult a lawyer or get advice from a friend. That friend might be clever and he might have helped you many times with sound advice, when you did not know what to do because of all the paragraphs and the maze of rules and regulations.

Yes, you can consult with people outside the legal profession, but we do not recommend it. Where is the guarantee of their qualified knowledge of law? And what about procedural deadlines? Any statutory obligation to confidentiality? If you really want to win your lawsuit, we advise you to consult a proven expert – a lawyer. If you are not sure, please contact us, we will recommend an expert to you.

Also you may not be sure if to go to a lawyer due to financial reasons; hiring a lawyer can be really expensive. Sure, no lawyer will work for free, same as you or any of us. It is best to find out in advance how much each legal transaction will cost. In addition, many lawyers will provide initial consultation for free or for a reasonable blanket fee. At the first meeting, you may inquire about the costs for any further lawyer services. You can also give us a call or write to us, we will tell you more about lawyers’ fees and we will propose to you a solution to prevent legal fees from becoming your financial nightmare.

By the way:
Lawyer’s fees should not be an obstacle to assert a claim to your rights. A lawyer will certainly not work for you for free, but there are legal ways of cooperation with a lawyer which will not cost you more than absolutely necessary. Lawyers’ fees are also monitored by the Czech Bar Association.

Before you visit the nearest lawyer, remember that even the field of legal consultation is a competitive environment. It is important to look around a bit, maybe ask friends, who can be a very good source of information. If you want to look around on your own, check the list of the Czech Bar Association.

At the first meeting, ask for a clear explanation of the next steps and the costs you might be facing during litigation or other legal matters. Ask how many cases similar to yours have already been dealt with and what the outcome was. Feel free to choose, no one can force you come to a final decision already at the first meeting.

Or simply call us or write, we will give you advice on who can help you best.

A word from a lawyer:

Do you hesitate to turn to a lawyer because the lawyer you charged with handling the ownership transfer of your new house wanted to charge thousands of Czech crowns? Or are you buying a nice apartment and your estate agent told you that he or she would arrange for legal services or that the seller has a lawyer, so you do not have to worry about anything? Did you read about people who lost millions in foul investments in housing, often their lifetime savings?

These and many other cases would come to a bad end without the support of a good lawyer. It is definitely worth at least to consult important matters with a lawyer.

You went to see a lawyer, but that person didn’t make a favorable impression on you? That lawyer didn’t seem to be very competent and you definitely can’t imagine entrusting him or her with all your personal problems, even those you may have not told your next of kin about? If you didn’t like the first one, there must be more lawyers in your area…

You must always bear in mind that you and your lawyer must be confidential partners, that your lawyer must support you, that you might be required to fight together for your cause at court for several years, and that you must get along with each other.

Petr Kupský, lawyer, Prague