I want to have my lawsuit funded

Many of you may know it from your own experience: you have delivered the goods or provided services, but you have not been paid. Your accountant keeps telling you to do something about the open account, but you don’t quite know how to go about it. You lent someone a larger sum of money, and your creditor suddenly is reluctant to pay back his debts. Your former employer refuses to pay severance money to which you are entitled by contract. You sold a property and the last agreed installment isn’t coming in. Your creditors keep making promises, but they just aren’t making the agreed payments.

In short, your last resort is to go to court, but unfortunately you will need money to take court action to recover what is actually yours. And perhaps you presently don’t have the money or you don’t want to invest your money or you are just simply afraid that you will end up paying all the fees and bills yourself. Why risk a failure and lose even more money?

Why we offer this service

I want to have my lawsuit funded

After setting up business in a number of other European countries, ProcesPartner entered the Czech market to help people finance their right to justice. In many cases a lawsuit is the only way to claim your legitimate rights and to recover your money. And in those situations where you would have to give up your legitimate claim for financial reasons, we come to the rescue. Our lawyers, their expertise and our money are at your disposition. Everyone should be entitled to assert their rights. With ProcesPartner on your team, you will not have to provide the money for judicial proceedings, and you will not need to know your way around in the complicated legal system. You take care of your business, and we will take charge of funding the required judicial, arbitration or administrative proceedings.

By the way …
ProcesPartner is not an insurance company or a bank, we do not grant loans. And we have nothing in common with collection agencies and their peculiar methods. We are a legal and financial organization designated to fund litigation in which our clients’ money or non-cash assets are at stake.

What does our service include?

  • Funding judicial, arbitral, administrative or other proceedings.
  • Funding such litigations (or also extrajudicial settlements), where your claims concern money or non-cash assets
  • We will also fund extrajudicial settlement of your claims through legal channels
  • Funding litigation in the Czech Republic and abroad – in case of legal disputes outside the ČR, we will finance and arrange legal representation in that country
  • Funding attorneys’ fees, court fees, expert opinions, etc.
  • And most importantly – any failure is our problem, which will cost us our money, not yours.

Who is this service meant for?

We will be happy to offer our services of funding litigation to any of our clients:

  • who for whatever reason cannot or do not want to back their legal action with their own money
  • who want to take to court their claims exceeding CZK500,000 or €25,000
  • who want to enforce their claims exceeding CZK 200,000 or €10,000 in an extrajudicial settlement
  • who, in case of failure in court, could not repay a credit taken out precisely for this lawsuit.
  • who conclude with us an agreement on the provisional assessment and preparation of the lawsuit funding.

How to get in touch with us

I want to have my lawsuit funded

You cannot afford to assert your right to justice in court processes? Call or write to us.

You do not want to pay for judicial or extrajudicial settlement of your claim with your own money? Call or write to us.

You are not sure if there is a real chance of solving your problem in courts? Call or write to us, we are on hand to help you…


A client’s point of view:

I certainly had a stroke of bad luck! I made a deal and my business partner didn’t pay up. My lawyer told me that the law was in my favor, but when I saw how much money it takes to sue somebody, I wanted to call the whole thing off. This wasn’t the first time in my life that I lost money. Then my friends told me to go see a bank. Certainly, banks will lend you the money you need for a lawsuit, but they want collateral and they want their money back as well, regardless of how the court decides. How was I supposed to pay back the loan if I failed? When I found the ProcesPartner website on the Internet, I was a little worried first, mainly about how expensive their services would be. But as soon as their lawyers told me that they will fund the lawsuit and take their fee from the recovered sum, I didn’t hesitate any more. Experts assessed our chances and they even suggested how to find the right lawyer. That certainly saved me one more worry. Finally we won, I got my money back and ProcesPartner received their contingency fee. Without them I would not have gone to court and I’m sure that I wouldn’t have won at all.

M. Novotný, free-lancer, Zlín