If we wanted to write a regular company profile, we would say it like this:

ProcesPartner is an international service provider for funding lawsuits and out-of-court settlements, for evaluating their potential positive outcome and for providing comprehensive consultation in legal disputes.

But nobody reads company profiles these days. We tried to describe ourselves from a different perspective, we asked how others see us, how they write and speak about us.

From a client’s perspective

ProcesPartner helps people with their legal proceedings. But they do not only make financial means available to their clients to enable these to go to court, they also analyze their clients’ chances of winning their lawsuits. If ProcesPartner will not take your case, that means that their experts believe that there is either no chance of winning the dispute or that the defendant cannot pay anyway. But if the experts say that they will fund your lawsuit, your options for winning are pretty good. On top of that, you have the benefit of profound and qualified advice.

From a financial expert’s perspective

ProcesPartner is engaged in financing judicial proceedings. This does not mean that the dispute and its resolution are entirely out of your hands, instead it means that you will be provided with the financial resources to conduct legal proceedings yourself. Clients themselves must obtain their lawyer, witnesses or any required evidence. The essential difference to a bank loan is that ProcesPartner assumes the risk of failure.

Lawyer’s point of view

The basic role of ProcesPartner company is financing judicial, arbitration or administrative proceedings in which claims consisting of financial or other money appraisable settlements are enforced. ProcesPartner helps in cases where a potential petitioner is not able or willing to pay the costs and therefore would have to give up to give up their legitimate claim for financial reasons. It means that ProcesPartner can often be one of the last chances for the client’s right to justice.

From a lawyer’s perspective

ProcesPartner basic business purpose is to finance judicial, arbitrational or administrative proceedings in which claims for financial or other monetary entitlements are enforced. ProcesPartner helps whenever a potential petitioner is not able or willing to pay legal costs and therefore would be forced to surrender a legitimate claim for financial reasons. ProcesPartner is thus often the last chance for a client’s right to enforce justice.

From a marketing perspective

ProcesPartner main asset and advantage over its competitors is its solid international financial support base and expertise in the domain of Czech law and EU legislation. An important additional benefit of their work is comprehensive customer care – starting with first consultation over the evaluation of success and funding to the assumption of litigation risk. Customers basically have nothing to lose. This makes it in fact a unique product on the Czech market.

From an analyst’s perspective

ProcesPartner started operations on the Czech market in 2001, so it looks back to a fairly long history in this business. With dozens of successful lawsuits and its reputation as competent partner, ProcesPartner has cut itself a distinct profile as financing agency, legal counsel and consultant.

From an overall perspective

As any other business, ProcesPartner is on the market to make a profit. But we earn this profit only if you as our client are able to assert your rights. And we will not take our share from you, we will take it from those who owe you, and that only in case you win. And to make this concept work, ProcesPartner needs excellent lawyers and a sound financial base. ProcesPartner has all of this, and our concept has proven successful. Here and in other EU countries.