I want to have the prospects of success analyzed

Certainty: that’s what we all look for and what we all miss the most. Should I do this or that or not? Should I take chances when the outcome is uncertain and there’s nothing I can do about it? If only there was a device to tell us: “Do it” or “Don’t do it” prior to any decision.

We do not have such a device, but we don’t need it either. With many years of experience in the market and thanks to our lawyers’ expertise and competency, we can accurately determine the degree of chances to win your lawsuit. We’re not bragging, this is a mathematical fact. The legal cases we accept are successful in more than 90%. Where we find that the chance of success is minimal or that the debtor will not pay anyway, we do not take the case. We call this “screening the chances to win”. As a result, we protect ourselves against making any unnecessary spendings. Owing to this approach, we give our clients a fairly clear indication if they are doing the right thing by taking their case to court. In the real world, miracles usually do not happen. and justice – however slow ‒ is often incalculable.

Why we offer this service

I want to have the prospects of success analyzedWe put our money into your litigation to protect yours. And because we do not want to lose our money pointlessly, we screen at the very beginning the chances to win. Apart from this, we also analyze the chances of actually collecting your money: a won lawsuit is not always a real victory.

This service of screening chances of winning and enforcing claims is performed for each client. It not only protects us, but also gives the client important information and advice. If our team of lawyers says that chances of winning are minimal, clients are well-advised to take that as an advice that it makes no sense to go to court. As sad as such a prediction may be, clients will certainly appreciate that it saves all those involved time, money and futile hopes.

Therefore you and your legal counsel (if you do not want us to recommend one) will be required to submit to us all available documentation on the case. All data is treated strictly confidential according to law and our professional code. We will also sign an agreement on the provisional assessment and approval of case financing.

This service includes

  • assessment of your claim with regard to positive outcome of the legal proceedings (if the lawsuit has any chance of being won)
  • assessment of your claim with regard to the final enforceability (if you have any chance of recovering your money from the debtor in case you win the lawsuit)

Who is this service meant for

We will be happy to provide this litigation screening service to any client of ours who:

  • presents all the documentation on the case (provided he has a lawyer) and a draft of the petition (if it has been prepared), alternatively explains what he or she claims, why and what the full extent of the claim is
  • signs an agreement with us on provisional screening and preparation of making funds available for the lawsuit

How to get in touch with us

You cannot fund your right for justice through the courts? Call or write to us.

You do not want to pay for judicial or extrajudicial settlement of your claim with your own money? Call or write to us.

You are not sure if there is a real chance of solving your problem in court? Call or write to us, we are willing to help you…

A client’s point of view

Let me put it in a few words: I wanted ProcesPartner to help me get my money back. Through the courts, legally, in the official way. When they analyzed my case and financed my legal proceedings, I thought that it would probably turn out well. And we really won the lawsuit! The people at ProcesPartner check out things really carefully, because they’re investing their own money!

Zdeňka Krátká, entreprenieur, Plzeň