We help

We believe that a successful business is also a commitment. Not only to the clients and employees but also to society as a whole. That is why we do our very best to fulfill our commitment and social responsibility.

We also support lawyers

At our website and in personal communication with clients, we offer those who do not have their own lawyer to consider hiring renowned law firms that helped our former clients in a number of lawsuits and have a proven track record with our company. The purpose of this procedure is to cooperate only with those law forms who merit support and promotion due to their qualified work and their approach to customers. Our intention is also to help clients without previous experience in this field to orient themselves on the market.

We help all of us

This year we actively joined in a driving proficiency project.

This driving proficiency improvement program is a European project designed to reduce the number of traffic accidents by actively involving all road users, especially drivers, pedestrians, passengers and others. This project originated as a private initiative; it is not backed up by any governmental agency or other public institution.