I need advice and help

We see it every day: most of our clients are not only facing a problem they want to take to court. Our clients also have little or no experience with the systematics of justice and law in general. In most cases they want to sue for the first time and our support plays a significant role for them. Some things in the world just do not work the way we would imagine and wish…

Why we offer this service

I need advice and help

Therefore we also provide consulting services in cooperation with specialized lawyers. We cannot always predict what will happen, but thanks to our specialists’ expertise you will get a better awareness of your options, you will also know better how to proceed in the matter. We will explain the systematics of litigation and what will be required to increase your chances of success. Our clients also appreciate that we help them choose specialized lawyers who have a distinguished track-record with our company. We will not charge a fee for this advice and support.

By the way…
ProcesPartner is not an advisory institution. We finance litigations and analyze your chances of winning. And in addition, because we consider it our professional duty, we provide basic advice and explanations to those who are interested and make use of our company’s primary services.

What our initial legal consultation encompasses

  • We will recommend an appropriate course of action for your litigation
  • We will help you to find the specialized attorneys in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in several EU countries. We will explain the systematics of litigation.
  • We will tell you which documents and information you will need before taking legal action
  • We will provide you with any additional information you might require. No need to visit us personally, we’ll tell you on the phone or send it by e-mail.

Who is this service meant for

We will be happy to provide our advisory service to any client of ours

  • who makes use of our primary services (funding and prospect analysis)
  • and who inquires about such consultation.

And this is all free of charge

How to contact us

You want to know if you have a chance of winning your lawsuit? Call or write to us.

You have a problem and you would like to know the opinion of law experts? Call or write to us.

You are already our client and you need information? Call or write to us. You know that we on hand to help you…

Or you can fill in the information form straight away and we will contact you.

Our client’s point of view

I’ve never given much for big promises or glossy flyers, and that even though I teach marketing! But the simple truth is that the staff at ProcesPartner kept their promise. When we jointly analyzed my problem, of course I had a few questions, and they readily explained and answered. I got enough information from experienced lawyers, and on the basis of that I decided not to take my legal issue to court because I had no chance of winning anyway. I realized I didn’t have a chance. And that is why their service is so valuable. Qualified information is absolutely essential these days. Thank you, ProcesPartner.

Z. P., Prague